Bringing Strategically Aligned

Businesses Together

Founded in 2001, the Frontier Group of Companies brings together strategically aligned businesses with expertise and capabilities in the area of large-scale industrial and commercial facility reuse, repurposing and redevelopment. The companies of the Frontier Group include industry leading operations for industrial demolition, industrial dismantling, asset recovery, equipment repurposing, industrial clean-up, site remediation, brownfield redevelopment, facility acquisition, real estate development, energy exploration, energy production, and materials recycling.

Frontier Group of Companies is also developing multiple green energy facilities by transforming shuttered fossil fuel power plants into solar farms producing clean, green electricity. Visit the Frontier Solar Holdings website.

Frontier Group includes industry-leading operations for:

  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Facility acquisition
  • Real estate development
  • Industrial demolition
  • Industrial dismantling
  • Asset recovery
  • Equipment repurposing
  • Industrial clean-up
  • Site remediation
  • Energy exploration
  • Energy production
  • Materials recycling

With comprehensive capabilities, a track record of successfully completed projects across North America, and a strong financial position, Frontier Group offers a turnkey solution to help clients walk away from highly variable environmental liabilities.

We have the experience and expertise to provide
a cost-effective alternative to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Potentially Responsible Parties (PRP) cleanup enforcement programs.


Operate best-in-class companies with a focus on workplace safety, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction.


Be a global leader in the re-development and re-purposing of commercial facilities into economically viable enterprises.

Frontier Industrial Corp.

Frontier Industrial Corporation is a full-service industrial specialty contractor working throughout North American and regions of Central and South America. Our customers include some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 with industrial and manufacturing operations.

Our core services include: plant demolition, facility acquisition and repurposing, industrial dismantling, environmental remediation, asset recovery, industrial gutting, scrap metals recycling, asset recovery, equipment removal and salvage, high structure removal, and rail road services.

For more information about Frontier Industrial Corp and our capabilities, please visit our website.