Key Site Details

  500+ Developable Acres

  ~400 ft of Rail Siding

  Access to over 2 MGD of river water with intake in place

  Private site road network, full gated with guard house, and interstate highway <10 mi. away

  Electricity, natural gas, potable water, private sewer, industrial waste water treatment, non-potable water, fiber optic

  5 warhouses, 2 office – 2,000-50,000 sq. ft.

  Power plant (2,200 MW), AEP – Conesville Power Plant

Project details

Conesville Industrial Park offers more than 2,500 acres with over 500 acres currently prepared and remediated for development.

With proximity to Columbus, OH and Cleveland, OH, CIP offers enormous potential for 500+ acre contiguous industrial development with heavy utility infrastructure in place and turnkey. This power plant closed in 2019 and was fully operational until then. Therefore, utility infrastructure, roads, rail, and other assets on site are more than capable of being re-used. Portions of the property along abandoned strip mines will be dedicated to solar development to offer renewable energy options for industry looking to limit their carbon footprint.

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History of location

In 1957, the Conesville Power Plant Unit 2 began operation and over 500 employees called this plant home. Over the many years of operation, new systems were implemented, environmentally conscious efforts were taken, and winter storms flourished. In 1978, the worst snowstorm in Ohio’s history struck and Conesville Power kept running.

The Conesville Plant power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses for 62 years. Many who worked and lived near the plant had the opportunity to tour it over the years. It was officially retired on May 31st, 2020.

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Site Gallery

Interactive Site Map

7897 Energy Road, Moundsville, WV 26041

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News & Updates

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Conesville Industrial Park

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