At Frontier, our mission is to bring new life to industrial sites.

Our group of strategically aligned business units is ideally situated for brownfield redevelopment projects that become revitalization engines of economic development in local communities.  From initial assessment through remediation to final site clean up, Frontier is able to provide turnkey redevelopment leadership.

More about Environmental

Liability Transfers

Protection of Seller’s Legacy

FGC is aware of the importance of a Seller’s legacy in an area that they may have operated in for decades, and respects the fact that Entergy (and any Seller for that matter) has a reputational incentive to insure their facility is sold to someone who will not damage this legacy post closing.

Often times the facilities that are sold are commonly referred to as “the former [Entergy]” facility for many years after a transaction is completed.

It is very important to FGC to be a good Sheppard of the facilities we purchase and to insure the Seller’s legacy is not tarnished by our actions, but rather that their legacy is sustained or improved by having sold their former facility to FGC – a company with an excellent reputation for working with local and state leaders, to insure the best outcome for the respective properties we purchase are realized.

Expertise with Environmental Liability Transfer

FGC specializes in acquiring, decommissioning and redeveloping industrial sites (especially coal fired power plants) that may have any variety of environmental liabilities.

These liabilities include (but are not necessarily limited to):  PCB oils, asbestos contaminated materials, underground storage tanks and contaminated soils, ash pond closures, environmental permit compliance … etc.

FGC offers the use of an Asset Purchase Agreement (“APA”) (see reference to this in Case Studies that follow) that effectively shifts ALL ENVIRONMENTAL LIABILITY FROM SELLER TO FGC.

By developing expertise with these activities FGC has established itself as a best in class environment liability transfer (“ELT”) company.

FGC can also offer environmental cost cap insurance or Financial Guaranty Bonds to give the Seller further assurances that the remedial and cleanup scope of work agreed to in a facility sale are completed properly.

FGC looks to purchase facilities (especially coal fired power plant facilities) “as-is” and assumes the facility’s environmental cleanup liabilities and future environmental permit compliance responsibilities.

FGC is experienced with cleanup projects throughout the United States. These sites have included evaluating and obtaining closures for releases from storage tanks, solvents, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), hazardous materials, and heavy metals. We are intimately familiar with performing environmental investigations to assess the concentrations of contaminants in soils, soil gas, sediments, groundwater, and surface water; or in reviewing those reports provided by Sellers.

Our diversified staff is experienced in conducting site characterizations, developing remedial action plans, and designing/installing/operating soil and groundwater remedial systems when and where necessary. Let us and our talented team assist you in obtaining comprehensive liability relief for your site contamination issues.

FGC looks forward to the opportunity to review and discuss any property Entergy is willing to consider selling.  We assure you we have the background, credentials, expertise and financial strength to handle all aspects of a purchase of an idle industrial site, including the cleanup and redevelopment of the property.