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From Brownfield to Brightfield

By October 2, 2020No Comments

Brightfield projects can be lengthy and time consuming so experienced consultants can help identify and solve potential contamination and remediation problems.  Each brownfield’s environmental situation is helpful to estimate project cost, scope and timeline for developers.  No two brownfield projects are the same so a carbon copy strategy won’t work beyond the Phase I environmental site assessment.  

A site’s contamination history is critical for all brownfield redevelopment, but understanding design requirements is extremely important for capped landfills.  The height of elevated landfills decreases shading from nearby trees, steep slopes make siting and construction challenging.  Landfill caps usually cannot be penetrated by racking posts and trenches, which then requires fully ballasted systems.

Brownfields are attractive opportunities for solar development.  Developers should invest the time and effort to assess brightfield projects and make decisions based upon assessments.  Brownfields come in many shapes and sizes and may sit idle for many years even after they have been cleaned up.  Brightfields can bring these pieces of land back to use for investors and can show how clean energy can improve our economy. 

Frontier Group of Companies is at the forefront of brownfield redevelopment and reuse.  Frontier Solar Holdings, a Frontier Group Company, is developing a number of brightfields on former industrial and power generator sites.  For more information about brownfield redevelopment visit us at

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