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  Mingo Junction, OH

  Start date:6/1/2011 | Completion date:6/1/2018

  270+ Jobs

  Average salary: $81,400+

  400+ Acres

  Sold to: JSW Steel USA, Ohio, Inc.

  Previous use: Mingo Junction Steel Works/RG Steel (1872-2010), 1.3 M Tons/year

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1500 Commercial Ave.
Mingo Junction, OH 43938

Project overview

In 2011, The Frontier Group of Companies acquired this former steel mill at a price tag of $20,000,000. After siting idle for a few years, Mingo Junction was able to once again see a light at the end of the tunnel to bring industry back to town. This project involved the adaptive reuse of the existing electric arc furnaces, the 80” hot strip steel, BOF, and caster. The 5 blast furnaces were demolished, and the facility was revitalized as a steel producing facility once again.

History of location (1909 - 2016)

MJSW was one of the largest steel producers between Wheeling, WV and Pittsburgh, PA, supplying the steel needed for infrastructure and war efforts. Originally an iron plant, MJSW grew to produce over 1,300,000 tons of new steel each year.

In addition to being a steel producing mogul, MJSW is also known to many by its appearance in the 1978 film The Deer Hunter, starring Robert DeNiro.

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