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New York redevelopment company buys Bruce Mansfield Power Plant in Beaver County

By June 8, 2022No Comments

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By Lauren Lee | June 8, 2022

A New York redevelopment company has bought the Bruce Mansfield Power Plant in Beaver County in hopes to revitalize the area and create new jobs.

The Frontier Group of Companies (FGC), a Buffalo-based real estate and redevelopment company, announced they bought two retired coal-fired plants owned by Energy Harbor Corp. — the Bruce Mansfield power plant in Shippingport and the Ashtabula Power Station in Ohio.

The company said they plan to decommission the plants and “remediate any environmental concerns” at both sites.

The terms of the deal for both properties have not yet been disclosed.

“While working with Energy Harbor over the past six months, our excitement has grown regarding the repurposing opportunities we foresee for these sites,” FGC CEO David Franjoine said in a written statement. “Clearing and cleaning these sites and putting the properties back into their respective real estate markets will sustain the economic renaissance of these regions for years to come.”

The company says it will be conducting land use studies, market analyses and meetings with community leaders to determine the highest and best use for the locations on the Ohio River and Lake Erie.

The Bruce Mansfield Power Plant was formerly run by FirstEnergy, and the company later changed its name to Energy Harbor Corp.

FGC officials say the plant was “for many years” the largest coal plant in Pennsylvania — spanning 660 acres of land along the Ohio River.

“Since closing what was once Pennsylvania’s largest coal-fired electric generation facility, we’ve been diligently working to find the right purchaser who could redevelop the land in a way that maximizes the economic impact for the residents of Shippingport and all of Beaver County,” Energy Harbor spokesman Jay Bellingham said.

The Ashtabula Power Station site, which ceased operations in 2012, spans 137 acres of land on Lake Erie. Both plants are served by CSX Railroad.

FGC Business Development Director Pat Ford said in a press release both sites are “excellent” prospective sites for petro-chemical, steel, energy, digital currency, and transportation logistics-related companies.

“We consider these former power plants to be a tremendous opportunity for new development and an opportunity to bring back jobs that were lost,” Ford said in a written statement.