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Technical Training Center Could Be Coming to Weirton

By October 16, 2020March 11th, 2022No Comments

WTOV Fox 9
October 16, 2020

A building sitting in Weirton with no designated purpose could soon be transformed into a trade training facility for the anticipated business coming to the area.

The proposal is being headed by Frontier Group of Companies.

“It’s a potential win-win situation,” said Robert Zuchlewski, chief operating officer for Frontier. “For one, business that’s already there, like Bidell–and attraction for all the potential new business.”

The idea is to transform the former Foster Wheeler Steam Plant on Route 2 and make in a vocational training center.

To fit the vision—the building would need modified.

“It’s a high bay inside the building so we would have to put some levels in there and create, probably, four floors of activity within this tall structure.”

Zuchlewski says they would like the training to meet specific industrial needs, both current and future.

“In the case of Bidell, they can talk with instructors to make sure that the welding certifications and welding training is aligned with what their customers need.”

Along with learning a specific trade, there would also be a focus on not-so mainstream areas as well.

“Fitness for work, control substance screening, if there is any type of an accident– emergency medicine.”

Frontier would be working with the City of Weirton on this proposal and a separate entity, like an area college, would be needed as well to handle curriculum.

“Maybe, perhaps we could get someone like West Virginia University interested in something in the northern panhandle,” said Zuchlewski. “That would really be a home run for us, having someone like that handle all the operating curriculum.”

If these plans to come to fruition, it would be at least a year before any construction could begin.