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  Weirton, WV

  Start date:1/1/2016 | Completion date:2/14/2017

  60+ Jobs

  Average salary: $60,000+

  100,000+ sq. ft.

  Sold to: Bidell Gas Compression, Calgary, CAN

  Previous use: Weirton Steel Machine Shop (1872-2010), 1.3M Tons/year


1400 Main Street
Weirton, WV 26062

Project overview

In 2017, Bidell Gas Compression, a subsidiary of Total Energy Services Inc. based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, expanded to a decommissioned machine shop that belonged to the former Weirton Steel.  Bidell fabricates, leases, and services natural gas compression equipment. They serve customers throughout North America and internationally. The Weirton facility serves as the company’s sole U.S. headquarters.

Repurposing a Machine Shop

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